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Real, local economic impact.

Supporting our communities.

Renewable America is proud to be an active champion of our communities. We aim to develop meaningful long-term relationships with local landowners, stimulate economic growth, and expand access to affordable clean energy.


Local Energy Resiliency

We strategically build and operate our projects in areas vulnerable to wildfires and other extreme weather, as well as in low-income communities that may not otherwise have access to low-cost clean energy. 

Our solar and energy storage microgrids provide critical power to support vulnerable populations during potentially dangerous Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and other events that threaten energy security. 

Our Commitment to You

With every project, we are making a commitment to invest in the local community. We take care to minimize environmental impact and work to collaborate with local stakeholders to ensure that we are meeting community needs and supporting job creation and economic growth.


Over the last decade, extreme weather events like wildfires have impacted countless communities and caused damage to grid infrastructure. Experts predict that these events will only become more frequent as the effects of climate change intensify. Now more than ever, a resilient local energy supply is necessary to ensure safety amongst our communities. 

Our microgrids integrate energy storage with renewable solar energy to deliver cost-effective distribution-level power to those who need it most. During times of grid congestion or emergencies, the microgrids can provide critical reliable energy; at other times, they can support grid services such as peak shaving and reactive power supply. Our microgrids can provide essential resiliency, not only on site, but also on the full or partial feeder line. 

Last updated June 7, 2023

Project Pipeline

Renewable America has over 320 megawatts (MW) of solar and 680 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy storage projects under development throughout California.

Our projects are strategically located to provide maximum benefit to the region, while also meeting the community’s demand needs.

Preliminary Development

Laguna Clean Power Clearlake Clean Power Gold Valley Clean Power Ruby Canyon Clean Power Foster Clean Power Redrock Clean Power Pearblossom Clean Power B Wunpost Clean Power North Belridge Clean Power Chaboya Clean Power Piedmont Hillside Clean Power Pacheco Clean Power King Kettle Clean Power I King Kettle Clean Power II Jarvis Mission CleanPower Longview Clean Power Kettleman West Clean Power Salinas River Clean Power Blue Star Clean Power Chuckwalla Clean Power

Off-Taker Confirmed

Fallon Two Rock Rd Solar Farm Ranch Sereno Clean Power Dos Palos Clean Power West Tambo Clean Power II Foster Clean Power A Mercey Springs Clean Power North River Clean Power

Ready for PPA

Discovery Bay South Clean Power Valleys Edge Clean Power Bethel Island Clean Power One West Tambo Clean Power Railroad Winters Clean Power Redrock Clean Power A Pearblossom Clean Power A Oroville Dam Clean Power

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