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Grid resiliency with reliable local solar and storage.

We develop portfolios of high-quality solar and storage projects that help you meet your growing power supply demands and reliability needs with local renewable power. Our comprehensive end-to-end project development and management makes community-focused procurement easy and cost-effective. 

Local Grid Reliability

Our projects stabilize power supply directly from the feeder, so you can minimize costly Public Safety Power Shutoff events and provide your customers with reliable energy, no matter the weather. 

We strategically construct our projects in disadvantaged and wildfire-vulnerable communities to help you maximize your distribution-level reliability and ensure grid resiliency when it is needed the most. We offer full feeder and partial feeder microgrids, tailored to meet your needs.

Trusted Solar Partner

Leveraging our combined 30+ years of experience in the energy sector, we offer high quality solar and storage projects. In our seamless end-to-end process, we handle everything from land acquisition and permitting to financing and construction, as well as continued O&M over the life of the project. With almost 100 MW of collective solar development experience, our team executes successful projects with precision and organization. 

Backed by $1 billion in financial support, we never cut corners or compromise on quality. We always use top quality equipment to optimize production and we take care to develop every project with minimal risks.

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