December 14, 2021

Real Estate in 2022: Capitalizing on Opportunities to Further the Clean Energy Transition

Thursday, January 27 & 28, 2022 – LIVE WEBCAST broadcast from Los Angeles, CA

Several drivers are creating exciting new opportunities in clean energy-related real-estate projects. These drivers include recent federal and state efforts to fund and build out resilient, clean energy infrastructure, an increased interest in sustainability-oriented investing, and the impact of climate change on real estate development generally. Additionally, we are seeing a new energy/environmental justice focus on historically underserved populations and neighborhoods, with robust funding being allocated to those needs. This new shift in thinking, and the many billions of both private and public dollars targeted to these new efforts, will likely create opportunities not seen in recent decades.

This program will focus on cutting edge legal, funding and logistics issues associated with such “new frontier” projects., including the siting of renewable energy infrastructure on brownfield sites (including storage and microgrids), the buildout of resilient local clean energy projects to help decarbonize the grid and protect critical infrastructure (including related regulatory “nudges”) and growing grant/financing/resource base for such projects, especially in environmentally and economically impacted communities. This is a perfect program for attorneys, developers, environmental consultants, sustainability experts, clean energy companies, cities and counties, and the environmental/energy justice communities.

Speakers will include Ardi Arian of Renewable America.

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